Coffee Club

Run Your Own Business without Losing Your Mind

A place where the change-makers gather together each month and connect so you can step into your power and change the world. 

From one business owner to another:

  • You'll learn how to overcome the blocks that hold you back

  • Connect with like-minded souls who are dedicated to making positive change in the world

  • Learn how to master your mindset through group coaching

  • Feel fully supported in a safe space where you can share

What's Included?


This session  takes place at the beginning of each month to set you up to win. This includes 30 minutes of training to support your mental wellbeing and growing business, followed by 30 minutes of group coaching.


A monthly round-up where we share, celebrate, learn and let go so we can move into the next month feeling supported and motivated. 


This internal support system will make running a business more manageable and enjoyable! Let's face it, we've stepped out of the box so let's make running a business FUN!

All Coffee Club sessions are live on Zoom and will take place 2x Friday's at 11am each month.

The introductory monthly investment is £22.00 per month (the price of a coffee+cake once a week!) and all booking details will be sent shortly after registering your interest.

There is no minimum subscription and you can cancel anytime.

What Clients Say

Coffee Club has really helped me to feel part of something and helped me feel less lonely.

Nat, suffolk

It is so nice to have a group of people going through the same challenges and that we all feel safe together even though we've just met on Zoom!

Lu, sudbury

It's good to see other people in similar situations, helping me not to feel so alone in this world of self-employment.

Kate, saddleworth

About the Author

Lauren uses her expertise in mental wellbeing, mindfulness and coaching, to provide support and training within each session. She has a solid understanding of setting up a successful business from scratch and shares her key insights and experiences. 

Lauren's mission is to provide this community with the support and education she wishes she had during the early days of launching a business. She also wants everyone to feel part of the team we don't always have as entrepreneurs. 

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